Caffeinated Bottles

Caffeinated Club

Caffeinated Club® is the perfect choice for every caffeine lover at all hours of the day. This unique beverage can easily transition from a simple morning alternative to coffee, to a convenient midday pick-me-up, to a light and refreshing alcohol mixer in the evening. Without sugars, colors, artificial sweeteners, or calories, this is an appealing alternative for health conscious individuals. To sum it up, “We make club soda fun!”

As a busy, health conscious individual, Rocky Mosele, Founder of Chicago based, Rocky’s Beverages LLC, saw the need for a beverage that was as convenient as a soft drink that contains caffeine without the strong taste, sugar, chemicals, or calories. It was clear to Rocky that there is a need for a healthier alternative. People worldwide drink caffeinated beverages throughout their day, they seek out coffee, soft drinks, and energy drinks in order to achieve the lift they need.

Recognizing the need for a beverage that transcends the highly flavored, sweetened, and limiting genres available Rocky conceived the idea of a club soda with caffeine. Starting with a great idea and a wealth of experience, he fine-tuned his selection of flavors with the help of close friends and family.